Sausages, beers, world coffees and gourmet shop in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield

Great food and organic products: unique taste experiences

At William J. Walter, Valleyfield, every day is a new adventure when exquisite smells, flavors and novelties take over the shop shelves in a unique warm ambiance. Indulge yourself in this delicatessen shop’s legendary customer experience and open your senses to experiment local and international gourmet discoveries like nowhere else.

Precooked sausages, perfect for barbecues

Pick, Grill, Enjoy, Repeat. For your barbecue season, we has the whole William J. Walter precooked sausage collection out. Precooked, you simply need to roast them on you barbecue grill without pre-boiling sausages. Your sausages only need to be warmed...

Lenoir & Lacroix Coffee Tasting Session

Organic Fair-Trade Coffees from Lenoir Lacroix can be tasted in Valleyfield! On Saturday the 26th of May, you are invited between 10AM and 3PM to a coffee tasting session at William J. Walter, Valleyfield to discover all the aromatic subtleties of...

Gourmet Shop

67 Alexandre St., Valleyfield, QC, Canada