About Us

Since its grand opening in 2012, this foodie heaven innovates constantly in its offering so that every time you come, it is like a new adventure. Passionate, curious and as courteous as can be, Claire and Linda St-Jean, owners, welcome you from Tuesday to Sunday not only to share with you their knowledge, but also and mostly to surprise you with their ever-growing array of original products.

Along with their impressive selection of gluten-free sausages and Quebec microbreweries’ finest beers, William J. Walter , Valleyfield is known for its culinary beauties and tasty experiments that will charm each and everyone of your taste buds. Through the years, colorful range of condiments, pastas and sauces in display complements the delicatessen shop selection and built its reputation as one of the best gourmet boutique in the region of Valleyfield.

Are you looking for a culinary adventure? Do you need help to find a specific beer or advice on food pairing? You will be well served at this establishment located at 67 rue Alexandre, à Salaberry-de-Valleyfield and while you are there, why not take a sip of their tasty smoothies or taste some homemade iced teas and coffees.

Precooked sausages, perfect for barbecues

Pick, Grill, Enjoy, Repeat. For your barbecue season, we has the whole William J. Walter precooked sausage collection out. Precooked, you simply need to roast them on you barbecue grill without pre-boiling sausages. Your sausages only need to be warmed...

Lenoir & Lacroix Coffee Tasting Session

Organic Fair-Trade Coffees from Lenoir Lacroix can be tasted in Valleyfield! On Saturday the 26th of May, you are invited between 10AM and 3PM to a coffee tasting session at William J. Walter, Valleyfield to discover all the aromatic subtleties of...