Gluten-free products that really are delicious

William J. Walter Valleyfield is specialized in gluten-free gastronomy. Not only are William J. Walter gluten-free sausages a hit with people living with celiac disease, people with no food intolerance at all are crazy about them. 

Despite gluten-free being a buzz word, we takes the celiac condition seriously and advise clients when it comes to buy one product or another. 

The days when gluten-free food is eaten with no appetite are over.

At our delicatessen shop, you will find the establishment’s special selection comprised of numerous discoveries made through the last 6 years. 6 years, that’s a lot of dry bread that has been tasted before finding the right one.

Our gluten-free products include breath-taking breads, flavored -or not- pastas, the tastiest hot sauces, local beers, marinades, all kinds of exotic mustards, fine maple products, rich, full and exotic coffees and organic cold-pressed oils available in different aromas.

Our gluten-free gastronomy in store is astonishing and will be available online shortly!

Precooked sausages, perfect for barbecues

Pick, Grill, Enjoy, Repeat. For your barbecue season, we has the whole William J. Walter precooked sausage collection out. Precooked, you simply need to roast them on you barbecue grill without pre-boiling sausages. Your sausages only need to be warmed...

Lenoir & Lacroix Coffee Tasting Session

Organic Fair-Trade Coffees from Lenoir Lacroix can be tasted in Valleyfield! On Saturday the 26th of May, you are invited between 10AM and 3PM to a coffee tasting session at William J. Walter, Valleyfield to discover all the aromatic subtleties of...