Lenoir & Lacroix Coffee Tasting Session

Organic Fair-Trade Coffees from Lenoir Lacroix can be tasted in Valleyfield!

On Saturday the 26th of May, you are invited between 10AM and 3PM to a coffee tasting session at William J. Walter, Valleyfield to discover all the aromatic subtleties of the Lenoir Lacroix coffees such as hazelnut, apple, toast, caramel, blueberry or dark chocolate.

Aromas are as numerous as they are subtle, challenge yourself to detect them in each sip you will take.

May you like filter coffees, macchiatos or prefer espressos, if you look for a strong or milder blend, come to discover rich flavors and take the time to enjoy Lenoir Lacroix’s coffee’s subtleties in good company.